When the temple and the city of Jerusalem have been destroyed, Yosef ben Matityahu was 33 years old, maybe the time for him to reborn as a new kind of Jew. It has taken somebody to write the story, then a context with the temple and the city of Jerusalem destroyed, and probably the fears from the Egyptians and the Greeks, who witnessed the destruction, to come with many more ideas. The idea that violence would bring the Empire of Rome nowhere. The idea that the army had gone too far. The idea that Rome could not rule an Empire with the Generals and the army. The idea that the Empire had to count on its provinces, and that the Roman settlements all around the Mediterranean Sea were part of Rome, but a part only. The idea that the Empire shall consider the idea to bring more respect, more tolerance and more unity among its people.

Rome was a ruler and a ruler only. The spirituality of the early Christians came from Greece and from Egypt. The Apostles have written in Greek, not in Hebrew. They have taken many symbols from Egypt where most of the scholars have had studied. At the beginning, there were no churches. The first Christian scholars settled rudimentary monasteries that were nomadic and clandestine, but the scholars have played a role of proselytism among the Roman and the local people. The first religious basilic was built in 330 AD on the settlement of an ancient temple that was dedicated to Apollo. The name was Hagia Sophia, the Divine Wisdom. The Emperor Constantine had ordered the construction of the basilic after he was converted to a Byzantine form of Christianism and he certainly converted to continue the proselytism from Rome, which aimed at converting the people to a pact of allegiance with Rome and the observance of the rules that Rome has been dictating. Hagia Sophia was a military command post for Rome. Hagia Sophia was a wonderful opportunity for merchants. It became later an opportunity for the Christians whose monks could embark to Italy, Europe and the rest of the Roman Empire.

You can see above a representation of Hagia Sophia above the head of Maria on the West facade of Notre Dame de Paris, France. In 431 AD, the Christian church started to split in different scholastics who have become independent from Rome. It coincides with the disintegration of the Western Roman Empire that became the Kingdom of Italy in 486 AD, the Visigothic Kingdom in 418 AD, the Kingdom of Soissons in 457, the Domain of Moor, the Sub-Roman Britain, the Kingdom of BurgundyFrancia in 481 AD, the Vandal Kingdom in 435 AD, Alamannia in 496 AD, the Kingdom of the Suebi in 409 AD and Armorica. The roman virgin has killed the soldier.

Before the construction of Hagia Sophia, the Emperor Constantine had built the Old Saint Peter Basilica in place of the Circus of Nero. He started the construction in 318 AD and finished it in 322 AD. The Circus of Nero was begun by Caligula on the property of his mother Agrippina on the Ager Vaticanus and it was finished during the reign of Claudius. The actual City of the Vatican is situated on the Old Saint Peter Basilica, on the Old Circus of Nero, on the exact place where the Egyptian Obelisk has been erected by Caligula.

The City of the Vatican still have its own official army, the Pontifical Swiss Guard which encompasses the former Corps of Gendarmerie of Vatican City, the Papal Army, the Noble Guard, the Palatine Guard, the Papal Zouaves and the Corsican Zouaves, a bunch of militaries, spies and mercenaries at the service of the Pope. The City of the Vatican is also linked to many mafias in Italy, France, Germany, Africa, Asia, South America, the United-States. It rules with official and unofficial powers. It's difficult to not make the parallel between the Swiss Guard and the Swiss watches that manage the time of the leaders, the CEO, the Institutions, the factories, and the banks of the world. The Roman Empire continues to rule, but while the "gentille" face of the Church tries to stay in heaven, the free-masons are networking the dark side of it.

There is something to learn from the Christian myth of Jesus, and this is all about sex. The men have taken a role in the history of the Mediterranean Sea that was cast from a cruel and intimidating Empire who has two parallels in history with Napoleonism and Nazism. The roman had infantilized the women, Napoleon has infantilized the women. Both Empire are still alive with the sharia of the Muslim world. Nazism is the last role of the Roman Empire that occurred less than a century ago. We know that it can happen again and we know that women still struggle every day. Men have more roles, more power, more ambitions than ever and each step ahead for a man, is a step backward for a woman. If the society has changed someway, the minds remain the same, because the "moral authority behind" still be this old fashioned Empire.

The men who have build the Churches probably had their own opinion about the role of the women in the male Christian World. The Mandorla that represents the passage between the death to the life and this passage from heaven, some craftsmen have represented it with a gender, the gender of women. While the sex of the women is a symbol of the Christian Church, it has been taken without the soul, the spirit, the sensitivity, the intelligence and the wisdom of the women. Until the beginning of the XXth century, women were still treated the way they have been threaten since the Roman Empire and if today they are allowed to vote, the men in business, in companies, in the medias, in the politics, in Hollywood, in trade centers, in banks, in churches, still consider the women as if they were females of another species, another epoch, another kind of evolution, another kind of creation too.

The modern men are no better than the antic ones. They act like soldiers to go shopping and get tattoos on their fore harms. They act like the penetrators of the antic Lex Romana. They act like Gods in their little heaven, be it a car, a brothel, a bank or a Pentagon, but they all come from the same circle, they all follow the same influence. A male influence that made those great dictators. And this Empire of men still kill worldwide the women, the children, the sex slaves who are not submissive, and while they play a role as "good daddy", they are not so sure that "good daddy" is a role for everyone.

The androgyny of the Church has created a new kind of women. They dress, they speak and they act like cherubim. They embellish the decor of the man in his power and they cry like babies, they walk like cocksuckers, they dress like Cleopatra, they dance like Mata Hari and they pray like Jesus. The few gendered women who fulfilled the role are known to have died very brutally. How many women are wondering if this is the real world and especially in America ? Some men arrived in the United-States still living in the XVIth century while slavery was still the main partner.

The women are taking their chance today but how long will they have a voice and the music to say that this is enough, the old world must die. This is time for humanity to take its responsibilities and this is time for the men to take their role just as it is, not above, not under, but the same level as women.


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For those males who have little daughters, I hope that you will revise your faith. For those males who have sisters, I hope that you will revise your faith. For those males who have mothers, I hope that you will revise your faith. For those male who have wives, I hope that you will revise your faith. I hope that you will realize that sex and gender shall be about love, this spiritual love that a real religion shall teach. And for those female who have read this story, please don't give up. The world will change.


The term "basilica" means in Greek the "tribunal chamber of a king ". The first basilica was built by the Emperor Constantine on the site of Nero's Circus. Races and executions were performed on the site in front of the public of Rome. This is the place where the Vatican has been built. The Emperor Constantine wanted to build another "tribunal chamber" in Constantinople because it was a strategic position, but the Emperor Constantine did not really convert to a religion. He was baptized in the basilica of Constantinople to link his authority to the purpose of the "tribunal chamber" and legitimate the sacred function of his Justice. It was an enthronement that took place in Constantine, not a conversion of the Emperor as we would see it today. Instead, it was a conversion of the people to the system of laws that Rome was dictating to the territories of the Empire.


Jesus / Yeshua existed as a messiah / kristos, but it is the name given to the first high priest of the second temple of Jerusalem. Yeshua lived between 515 BC and 490 BC. It was then a historian named Yosef who wrote the myth with real people gathered in the same space-time. Maria was Herod's wife. The Christ was supposed to represent the high priest of the temple and the people after the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD. They would convert to the laws dictated by Rome. Joseph is only the author of the story that became the acts of the Apostles. There were twelve apostles like there were twelve Labours of Hercule, the Pagan God of Rome. The gospel, written from the voice of the Apostles became the New Testament, and the Bible dedicated to enslave the territories that the Roman Empire had conquered. Christianity has the cross for symbol what shows to the territories their fate if they would revolt. The apostles creed is a pledge of allegiance of the people to Rome.

The laws of Rome were made for the male citizens of Rome and the male Roman soldiers abroad. Any other gender was considered submissive, inferior and inapt to benefit the same laws of the Roman male gender. The system of laws have become an habit and a tradition in many countries conquered by the Roman Empire. Until now, the genders suffer a discriminating imbalance that an androgynous system of laws is trying to correct, but with 2017 years of historical background that the Senate, the Congress, the Supreme Court, the White House and the educational system are still representing.

The symbol of baptism became a symbol of power to convert the kings of the provinces and the elite of the provinces to the authority of Rome. Most of them have benefited from a monarchic system that was given by Christianity. The Church has become the house where the belongings of this system were gathered to pursue the proselytism on the people. What Christianity has brought to them is a feudalism system, inquisition and slavery.

The United-States of America have been created by the Four Fathers to emancipate the people from the Roman system. The USA became free, but the development of new technologies and the dependencies of the banking system toward the Vatican has corrupted most the dreams of the founding fathers. This has become a politic where immigration is taking the same importance it had before, but the position of the Roman Empire has changed. The United-States are facing the challenge of a free nation whose elite love money and whose system does not protect the scholars, the women and not even the children.