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"When feminism becomes a recipe"

About Eima BLANK


Eima BLANK is a pen name that I use since May 2015. The name is registered with the USCIS and the ADAGP for all the rights on my drawings, paints, animations and cartoons.

You can learn almost anything you have to know about me on my Linkedin page, but is my official website. It started with the project to write a Syllabus for a position of "Assistant Professor in History of Gender and Sexuality", and I had so many things to say that to keep my records, I logged everything important here, the bibliography, the imagery and "The Kitchen".

The headquarters

I am native from France and it's almost naturally that I have settled my headquarters into the kitchen. I have also an headquarter inside the sewing office and inside the bathroom. I use the sewing office to make costumes and my favorite are suit carvings. I use the bathroom to ship fresh ideas, but the mode of delivery remains secret. The media center is situated outside of the headquarters and there is no way of access in this actual life. Everything I write only interferes with the future. The present is already in the past but the gap to access the future remains under strict confidentiality. The headquarters are highly secured and their real location is top secret.


Watch up while you read me, your house might be under the control of our bests friends. Our world is wild, strong, endless and wise.

Womanhood in mind


I have never questioned myself about my gender. I always known that I was a woman. I loved to play with dolls, make tiny houses, I loved pets and I had a special talent for saving birds from car accidents and hunts. But I liked also the mechanic, the plumbing, the woodwork, the masonry, the gardening and the bad ass attitude. My favorite activity was to be like a boy.

My voice has always been tiny and soft. I don't count the many times when people have asked me to speak louder. My voice has changed when I adopted my first dog and when I went to a puppy school with her.

I am tall, handsome (hehe !!!) and I guess that people have often called me "Mister" because I was handsome. Each time I have been shopping with my mother, the cashiers in many shops have been calling me "Mister", or "Sir", it depends. I don't do anything for that, I have long hairs, I make up and I act as a "normal woman", but "Mister" sounds to have become my natural surname. Maybe because that's a fact I am strong. I am very strong. Yet, I am sensitive too.

I never really enrolled myself in any cause, but I have been put under spotlights that enrolled me by facts. When I worked as an ethnographer, I became de facto a kind of advocate to some local tribes in Indonesia. When I worked with humanitarian organizations, I became de facto a kind of voice and when I developed my company, I became de facto another voice for another cause without doing anything for that, but I had convictions, experience and a strong motivation. The motivation of a woman who has to prove everything.

Since I am a woman, everyday has become a fight and I work everyday to survive. This has become a cause without even I wanted to. When I arrived in the US, I became a woman AND an immigrant. I was deprived of my rights to vote, all my graduations had lost values from bottom to top and I was thrown in the kitchen where my voice echoed with the many people that I have met in Los Angeles.

This is something I never expected, to fight my rights in the United-States, but when I applied for asylum in May 2015, I guess that it became the counter part of it. My story is a long story where I have been harmed many times personally and professionally, but now that I am an immigrant, "I am safe". 

I have been a researcher and I am not a researcher anymore. There is little chance that I can become a researcher again.

Universities have their own borders with their own homeland security. They have their own degrees of control and here in California like anywhere in the US, the doors have many layers to close. So I have been a personal assistant and before that, I was a wood worker. Before that, I was a boat cleaner and I work sometimes as a seamstress. The people say that I have talent, so I wonder what I shall do without? So far I have survived and I have kept silent. But this is my time now to tell.

I am a woman - Helen Reddy
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I can tell you with quit certainty that I am not too stupid. God has made me with my gender, my sensitivity, my intelligence, my humor, my courage and my force. This is the time for me to take my voice and to make it heard, with or without a citizenship. If the kitchen is my place, then let it be my place. I am wise, I am a woman and my identity is myself.

Sia - The Greatest (Official Video)
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