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I love antics and I love hand crafting. This website is a showcase of my creations. Some are true vintage creations, made out of  old used stuff. Some are created out of recycling stuff, and some are brand new. I create from what I shop and from what you bring to me. You will find all range of services and pricing on this site. Call me for a detailed estimate.



When learning to draw with me, you will learn about the technics, but you will learn more about your personal artistic fiber and skills. I have been in various schools, and have taught to various profiles of beginners. I mostly teach how to liberate yourself from the technics and find your inner emotions in art.


You want to change something about you but you don't know where you shall start. Wardrobe is a good start. I can relook you almost completely and redecorate your home on your budget.


I love cooking, having friends and sharing my cooking. Cooking and eating is a gift to me. As a matter of facts, I recently arrived in California and cannot yet afford an apartment with a full kitchen. So I cook in other people's house with recipes that I have created during my many previous lives.

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