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The tree of imagination

I made this drawing when I was in Langres, the city of Diderot, in France. It's about 1 square foot. I have used water colors, color pencils,  gel pens, salt, inks. It does not represent anything real I have drawn outside. I made it in my studio while sipping tea and watching TV. It was not made on purpose, but rather because I imagined it.

Art work

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My Tecodrive 7000

Only 10 in the world

The Tecodrive 7000 is the first CNG vehicle certified in California. There are only 10 Tecodrive 7000 in the world. I bought one of those in January 2017 . I started the conversion in March 2017. I am still working on it, but it is all functional as an art studio. I have two desks, one sewing table, 3 art counter tops, one hazel and all sorts of artwork.

My pets


I adopted Fontana on September 1st 2018 from a shelter. She was 3 months old. She is funny, playful, acrobatic, curious, talkative and loving. She reminds me both my previous cats, Sunny and Cannelle. She is the continuation that brings my memory in the past with positive episodes having fun, painting, writing, creating and reaching a state of mind where peace is my fundamental. I shall write my own book about cats. At least, Fontana would be a real inspiration by herself.

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