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Welcome to my world. THEOS DORON is a personal interpretation of human evolution through the lens of womanhood in arts. My main topic is religion to show how the Bible has influenced the biological development of a society that created a man and a woman who no longer are the creatures of God. I interpret with my painting the evolution of a proto-human and I question the sense of a religion. I question the history of the religions located around the Mediterranean sea and especially the role of  women since the birth of Egypt. By analyzing the past, I try to define my goals for a better future, and especially my goals on a daily basis to reach this better future.

My Artwork is not academic. All my writings and my paintings are personal interpretations. I don't paint to seduce or to make money. I don't paint to make something beautiful, fancy or bankable. I paint to feel my senses, to feed my mind, to expel my feelings and to express my sensitivity. Or vice versa. I paint like I would make a research. It usually starts with an object, then an idea, then another idea, then the need to make it done with colors and materials that bring more lights to my words.

My Artwork

My Art Studio

Visit my studio and see the paintings, the projects, the ideas, the inspiration, the realizations and the various objects under construction.

My book

Beside my artwork, I have a job and a long path into a career that explain my painting, the way I see, I understand, I interpret and translate.

 My Gallery

You can buy in the gallery the copy prints of my artwork. Original paints and sculptures are found in the shop linked to the gallery.



The birth of Christianity has introduced new laws around the Mediterranean sea that changed the sense of a religion and of a society. It changed the values and the sexuality. Women have been exposed to a kind of authority that enforced by law and by the arms their own gender. They became slaves, objects and properties. Their struggles have created schisms and waves of revolution. It created a modern world that is still not meant for them. My goal is to show the various aspects of our history.



All paintings have a story. Either it is related to what I am painting, or it is related to why I am painting, my emotions, my expectations, my goals. You can follow the PodBeam to hear my comments. You can also listen to my Soundcloud for less personal content. In the Soundcloud, I read my poems, other writer's poems and I sing.



Theos Doron

Theos Doron means the Gift of God. This is the name given to the roman empress represented on the mosaics of San Vitale in Ravenne, Italy. Her story and the story of her husband, Justinian, has been rewritten by Christian scholars to create the myth of Jesus, a myth that created an anthropomorphic representation of God to dissociate the man from nature and in many ways, the man from the woman. My goal is to show how the religions have differently affected the development of the society.



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