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The synagogue of Beit Alpha

The synagogue of Beit-Alpha is contemporaneous with the reign of Justinian in Constantinople. The village of Beit-Alpha is situated at the northern foothills of Mont Gilboa, in North Israel. In the Bible (1 Samuel 28:4 and 1 Samuel 31:1-4) the first king of Israel, King Saul, was killed with his two sons in a battle against the Philistines. In the Table of Nations, the Philistines are the enemies of Israel. King David, who hears about the tragedy after the battle, curses the mountain:

Ye mountains of Gilboa, let there be no dew nor rain upon you, neither fields of choice fruits; for there the shield of the mighty was vilely cast away, the shield of Saul, anointed with oil (2 Samuel 1:21).

Beit-Alpha was not a Holly place of the Jewish tradition, but it was located on the Roman road going from Caesarea and Scythopolis, 39 miles from Capernaum, the house of Saint Peter and 30 miles from Nazareth, the home town of Jesus.

Beit-Alpha on the map :

The house of Saint Peter in Capernaum :

The ground floor of the house of Saint Peter was an octagon, like San Vitale in Ravenne.

The house of Saint Peter :

The floor of San Vitale in Ravenne :

The floor of Beit-Alpha is a rectangle, but we find many similarities in the mosaics with San Vitale in Ravenne. Those symbols are at the roots of modern history.

We could almost compare this mosaic with the four fathers and the American flag.

The four fathers are a representation of the sons of Noah.

Anonymous painting representing Noah and his sons :

In San Vitale of Ravenne, the stars are associated with the lamb of God while the flag is behind Theodora The octagon of Capernaum is on the drape covering the woman behind Theodora and on the design of the floor the the basilicas.

Justinian and Theodora are a parallel to Adam and Eve in the Table of Nations. They transfer the biological genealogy into a spiritual brotherhood.

The labyrinth of San Vitale of Ravenne is a parallel to the zodiac of the synagogue of Beit-Alpha. The horoscope of Beit-Alpha, may have a different meaning with the way we interpret the horoscope today. It is a cosmogony, a trip in the sky, the location where the stars are along with the sun.

Labyrinthe of San Vitale in Ravenne :

Labyrinthe of Beit-Alpha :

At the entrance of the synagogue of Beit-Alpha, the sun is associated with the fire in which the priest burns sacrifices. In San Vitale of Ravenne, this area is associated with the Narthex, which literally, is a scourge.

In the upper part of the mosaic, we see a representation of the Ark of the Covenant.

The earliest representation of a menorah, 1000BCE associates the light with the geometry drawn with a compass.

The light, the columns and the compass are symbols we find in free masonry. They are also at the birth of geometry to define a metric system, mathematics and construction ratios such Pi and Phi. Both Pi and Phi are ratios defined with the light in the curse of time between the two columns. In between the columns, the sun draws the geometry of life on Earth.

The full sketch of the mosaic of the synagogue of Beit-Alpha shows a quadrangular background to the horoscope with four angels.

The cupola of San Vitale in Ravenne shows the same quadrature with inside the circle, the lamb of God, the supreme judgement of God upon manhood.

We learn from the synagogue of Beit-Alpha that the Justinian Era had defined an architecture designed like an open book of pictures. The mosaics represent a system of belief where life and death have a lower and an upper level, but above all levels is God. The priest kills the lamb, sacrifices the lamb that will turn the judgement of God on the priest and/or on manhood. The king and the queen are the patriarch and the matriarch of the nations. They give the blood, a genealogy, and they give the bread, the sociological structure of a nation.

The clergy was created with the 70 apostles like in the Generations of Noah to create humanity and brotherhood.

In San Vitale of Ravenne, we find the 12 apostles asside of Jesus, the high priest. They are carried by the Arions of the Greek mythology.

Christianity as we know it, was a system of law that emulates from the Jewish culture. The Jewish culture has brought a sense of history that link most the people into a same genealogy that encompasses the Mediterranean sea, the Middle East and Asia. In the will of conquest, the Roman Empire has been willing to sit a power that would harmonize the belief and the administration of the nations. Both the Jewish and the Christian cultures show deep roots in the evolution of Man. Staying apart from the Roman system, the Jewish culture has brought a sense of freedom that makes America nowadays.

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