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Creation of a jewel

I started to write and draw about Pi in 1999. Making jewels is quite new. The idea of this jewel came with a sketch that I modified with Photoshop a few weeks ago. It represents two triangles upside down, one showing the light from up to down. The other one is the heart, showing the light down to up. I plan to make several versions of this drawing.

The two triangles are contained in a circle that represents the perfect harmony of Pi.

The initial drawing and my sketch were handmade. To create the jewel, I have built the shapes on the Sketchup solfware and I assembled the parts with Blender.

You can find the jewel in my boutique. I will longer comment on the geometry in my blog. Don't forget to subscribe to learn more about the geometry behind the medallion. A good post to start with the geometry is "The Name of God". The PowerPoint on this post will introduce the concept that inspired my design.

The medallion is available in different metals and different prices. I comes in 3 different shapes from medium to large. More designs will be posted the following day. Stay up to date.

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