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Proxy nations and modern slavery

Updated: Aug 26, 2018

When I arrived in the United-Sates on February 2016, I met with Berlyn Miller in Las Vegas. He was kind and also he could not really help me with my projects, his kindness and his welcoming was warm enough to give me some hope to continue with my writing. He paid my access to the International Wood Products Association Convention in Las Vegas. At this time, the members of the IWPA were still talking about exports, how to create growth and jobs in the US by exporting American woods. In 2018, the discourse has all changed, because exporting has become almost impossible. Nowadays, the IWPA does not even try to export American wood anymore, but is trying to save the wood industry with imports. The Balance of Trade has been inverted what means that the influence of the United-States in the world has changed from a small + to a large -.

About half of the US territory is covered with a temperate broadleaf forest. This kind of territory is quite rural with low density population.

The broadleaf forest covers half of the United-States, part of Europe and China. This is bigger than the rainforest, but China "protects" its broadleaf and rather than using its own wood, China buys the wood in the United-States and Europe. Against buying American and European woods, China is selling its High Technologies, its industry and its products. The wood cut in the United-States and in Europe leaves both territories, is manufactured in China and then come back as a furniture, wood flooring, doors and windows.

On the map below, you can see how the United-States is developing its economy on timber production, what means forestry and sawmills.

In the North, the states of Washington, Oregon, a little bit of Montana have a strong economy based on wood industry. In the South, the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee have a strong economy based on wood industry.

If we compare the states of America to the density of Black people in America, we can see that black people are mainly living in rural areas where they have been the main labor force.

We can see with the map below that a large broadleaf territory is where slave states have grown. The broadleaf forest in the United-States is depending on a labor and a politics whose past was made of slavery.

The states where the density of Black people is higher are the states where we find extreme poverty.

Arizona, New Mexico and Texas have the highest concentration of poverty. This is where the map of the density of Black people is meeting the map of the density of Latino people.

On the following map, we can see that where we find the highest density of Black and Latino people, we also find the highest density of under-graduated people.

If we compare the maps to the results of the last presidential election, coastal areas are mostly "Clinton-Democratic" while poor and under-graduated areas are both "Clinton-Democratic" and "Trump-Republican". This is where the next presidential battle will be.

Job Growth will be the central nerve of the campaign and as we can see on the projections below, poor, under-graduated, Black and Latino areas are both where the change shall occur. On the map below, the projection is made for 2020. This is next presidential campaign.

Well, the USA still exports but instead of selling wood, it sells pellets,

This is what "United-Kingdom" and "Italy" really mean in pictures, two worlds of influence on the United-States.

A queen and her sibling church ladies.

A pope and South America.

In between, there is a full world of liberalism.

On the map, "this world of influence" results in the closing of many small companies and the opening of very few pellet industries who transform the main resource into "bullshit", what they call pellets.

I must confess that I did not really know what was "Liberalism" until I arrived in California, then I saw the manoeuvres of postpartum elections, a Commonwealth in action to win Black America.

Black America had the feeling to conquer the United-States in 2009 and Black America had the feeling to stay in power with Obama until the presidency was lost in 2017. Between 2009 and 2017. This is what happened on the maps:

To compare the maps, election after election from 1824 to 2016, you can visit this website. In 2012, Obama has lost 2 states compared to 2004 and in 2016, Clinton has lost 6 states compared to 2012 what means that the trust is no more in the camp of the Democrats what is quite symptomatic because in 1960, half of America was blue, Texas was blue, broadleaf forest areas were blue, and Nevada was blue.

In 1852, the concept of Republicans did not even exist yet.

In 2000, all the colors were reversed into a new political design which started in 1860-61 during the civil war.

The states that were Democrat became the Confederate States while the rest of the United-States became Republicans.

What does it mean to be a Republican in 1864? It means to abolish slavery, to abolish the dependency of the American territory to its European governments and start a new concept of leadership for the society. The Founding Fathers made a country by the people and for the people. They made America.

On July 4, 1776, the declaration of independence was ratified. The United-States of America signed the abolition of slavery in 1865 but during the presidential election of 2016, immigration was still a central discussion that some people consider kinda purpose of America. After 3 years in the United-States, I am making a clear distinction between an American citizen, a green card and an immigrant. Globally, Green cards and immigrants tend to be liberal while US citizen tend to me more protectionists.

Protectionism is about creating jobs, growth, wealth and transforming a resource into an economy. Forestry is a resource. People are a resource. Wood is a resource and the products that we make with wood are a resource. All together, they make an industry and this industry will weight positively or negatively in the Trade Balance.

When a foreign country comes in the US to use its space programs on US taxes, this weights in the trade balance. When a foreign country weights in the sectors of construction, with imported woods from Canada for example, this is another weight in the Trade Balance. When a country exports pellets rather than pulp wood, this is another weights in the balance and I would say that globally, the United-States have become a proxy nation in the Commonwealth. Same with the catholic immigration from Europe and South America, some banking and real estate sectors are using them as a proxy.

After 3 years in the US, I still wonder what is America??? So far, I have met with communities which are diversified only because some companies are proxy states within the state within the nation. The sentiment of "a people" is the target of intellectuals, in particular European socialism that is killing the sense of "a people", what they call populism (definition from Wikipedia: " Populism is a political philosophy supporting the rights and power of the people in their struggle against a privileged elite "). Behind the tendency of some foreign countries to strangle the American society, I wonder which part of the religion they represent. This is something I cannot discuss in one post, but I invite you to think about it.

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