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Just like Martin Luther King once did, I have a dream for the future generations. I dream of human kindness, compassion, truth, honesty, consideration, equity, better chance, care, sensitivity and a better sense of responsibility from the corporations and the governments. I dream that each one takes its part of the load that makes the society modern.

So far, I have seen the black and the "emerging countries" carrying the load for the Western countries, and I see more greed and more pride in the white society. The white society does not feel concerned and does not want to be concerned at all by the rest of the world. It makes me sad. I have tried many ways to participate, and just now, my voice is the only power I dispose. I am going to use it.

I have written about the religion. I am going to continue writing because that's the only way I know to sensitize a portion of the population that wants to live on its assets, its conviction, its force and its abuses. They want to neglect the rest and pass their way. I am going to be on their way.



Me are a Female

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